Friday, August 22, 2014

Berkeley Lab Director, Paul Alivisatos, accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Berkeley Lab Director, Paul Alivisatos, accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge issued by Oak Ridge National Lab, has received a dousing by Nobelist Saul Perlmutter and cancer researcher Mina Bissell, who used SF Bay water in deference to California’s drought. Lab researchers have contributed to the science of ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases.The director then challenged Steve Chu, AAAS CEO Alan Leshner, and White House science advisor John Holdren.
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Berkeley Lab Recruiter, Bill Singh, is a Safety Hero!

A few months back, Bill Singh, senior recruiter in Berkeley Lab's Human Resources, spotted slip hazards on a walkway.
“Leaf-blowers had blown foliage onto the hilly stairway leading from Building 90 to Building 55,” he says. This made for a slippery situation, so Bill took action and cleared the branches off the walkway so that others could walk safely. Robert Rodriguez, a fellow senior recruiter in at the Lab, happened to see Bill’s efforts to prevent a slip-and-fall injury, and promptly handed over a Hero Card.

Hero Cards are a way for Berkeley Lab workers to thank one another for using safety common sense, and for looking out for fellow employees, as part of our Safety Culture. Our core value of “uncompromising safety” has resulted in safety-performance improvements over the years.  In order to continuously improve our safety performance we are building on this solid foundation and striving to achieve best in class. To do that, we must examine, understand and where necessary adjust our attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and values which comprise our Safety Culture.
Learn more about our Safety Culture HERE
Meet our recruiters HERE
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Friday, August 1, 2014

What is M37?

M37 is a New Entrepreneurial R&D Program  
a home for top innovators to develop high-impact energy technologies.

Developing energy technologies isn't easy. It involves tough science, long validation cycles, and brutal economics. Creating options for our energy future depends on serious researchers -- ones with the skills and creativity to reinvent our physical world, and the drive to bring their technologies to market.

M37 provides a home for top impact-driven researchers to advance technologies until they can succeed beyond the research lab. Its purpose is to support critical technology development and identify the most suitable path, partners, and financing mechanisms for long-term impact. 

As part of M37's founding cohort, you will work side-by-side with other star innovators, each advancing his or her technology vision for a more sustainable world. You'll draw inspiration from one another: tearing down, rebuilding, and strengthening one another's ideas. With Berkeley Lab as your workspace, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with the world's best scientists in one of the world's most advanced research campuses. And you will gain access to a broad network of energy experts in technology, business, and policy from across the country and beyond.

The ecosystem for energy technology innovation is in peril. We need a new vehicle for impact-driven energy R&D. M37 was created to empower the best innovators and leverage our national research assets in the fierce pursuit of next-generation energy solutions. 



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Monday, June 30, 2014

NERSC Marks 40th Anniversary with Series of Lectures on Nobel Prize-Winning Science

Videos of four talks now online for viewing

Since it was established 40 years ago, the Department of Energy’s National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) has been a leader in advancing computational science. To mark its 40th anniversary, NERSC presented a series of four invited talks featuring NERSC users whose research had led to Nobel prizes.
“We’re extremely proud of our users whose work has been recognized with Nobel Prizes, just as we are proud of the scientific accomplishments of all of our 5,000-plus users,” said NERSC Director Sudip Dosanjh.
The four talks, presented at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, drew standing room only crowds and attracted hundreds of remote viewers of the streaming video.
Click here to see four talks posted online for viewing

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Not a Scientist? Start Your Next Career at Berkeley Lab!

Since joining Berkeley Lab, I have attended several conferences and career events, where I have the opportunity with engage with many talented individuals looking to start their next career, and many times at each of these events someone will approach me saying, “I’m not a scientist, but I really like what Berkeley Lab does, do you ever hire people who aren’t scientists?”

With a smile on my face, I typically offer the same candid reply, “I work in HR, and I’m not a scientist.” Continuing with a bit of dry humor, “Hey, someone has to pay the bills and keep the lights on!”  Working in an operations role at Berkeley Lab comes with as great a responsibility as the scientists we support.  As our mission states, we are here “To anticipate and safely deliver exceptional operational services in support of the scientific mission of Berkeley Lab.”

OCFO: Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Let’s take a closer look at one of our divisions that lives up to this day in, and day out; our Office of the Chief Financial Officer, or OCFO.  This is a fancy title for our phenomenal finance organization.  Made up of approximately 150 employees, the OCFO works across our scientific and operational divisions, managing and analyzing thousands of transactions, and hundreds of millions of dollars.  They are involved in the purchasing and procurement of everything from paperclips to the construction of buildings. The OCFO is a key partner and major contributor to lab-wide initiatives including the Financials Systems Modernization (F$M) Project and the Procurement organization transformation – all in support of “bringing science solutions to the world.”  With core operations located in Emeryville, CA, just a few miles southwest of Berkeley Lab’s main campus, the OCFO has employees embedded in each of the Lab’s divisions to provide seamless support by not only being physically located near the science, but becoming an integrated part of nearly every facet of scientific discovery.  By working side-by-side with division management, and principal investigators (PIs), our physicists can do physics, our biologist can do biology, and our computational scientists can… well, you get the picture – it all computes!  In short, Berkeley Lab could not have made so many scientific breakthroughs without the OCFO!

The OCFO is currently seeking applicants with initiative and focus who thrive in a challenging and dynamic environment and who want to positively impact the Lab's scientific mission. You too can be part of the science, and the OCFO by applying to any of our exceptional opportunities!

Current open positions include:
Sr. Resource Analyst - # 77314 and #76841
Principal Resource Analyst - # 76523
Lead Resource Analyst (Supervisor) - # 76988
(click on the position number to see the full description)

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