Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Arkin Laboratory at Berkeley Lab is Hiring!

Dr. Adam Arkin
Under the esteemed leadership of Professor, Principal Investigator, and Director of Physical Biosciences at Berkeley Lab, Dr. Adam Arkin, the Arkin laboratory seeks to uncover the evolutionary design principles of cellular networks and populations and to exploit them for applications. To do so they are developing a framework to effectively combine comparative functional genomics, quantitative measurement of cellular dynamics, biophysical modeling of cellular networks, and cellular circuit design to ultimately facilitate applications in health, the environment, and bioenergy.

The work at the Arkin Lab which spans theory, computational and experiment is performed in three interrelated areas whose common thread is understanding and exploiting the evolutionary and synthetic design principles of cells. These areas include comparative functional genomics to discover and understand the key subsystems in cells and their dynamic organization that allow them to survive and transform the environment and to adapt and evolve to new circumstances; systems biology to understand the biophysical, dynamical, and control/information theoretical aspects of cellular network operation in uncertain environments and when modified for applications; and synthetic biology for the efficient and predictable engineering of new function in cells for applications of benefit to society.

Recently, Dr. Arkin was named the lead principal investigator for DOE’s new Knowledgebase (Kbase) Project, a multi-institutional effort to consolidate the numerous different sources of scientific information on plants and microbes into a single integrated cyber-database. Biological studies on plants and microbes over the past few decades have generated overwhelming volumes of data. Kbase is designed to accelerate discovery by enabling the integration, mining and computational analysis of this data. DOE’s Office of Science FY 2012 Budget Request includes $12 million to begin buildout of the Kbase.

Opportunities with Kbase:

Another great group in Arkin Lab that is currently not hiring, but well worth mentioning is ENIGMA.  This group seeks to uncover the precise mechanisms and processes that allow specific organisms and their assemblages to sense, survive and perform useful functions in a changeable environment. With focus on environmental variables and laboratory simulations relevant to the field sites under study by the Environmental group and deploy an array of technologies and computational approaches, optimized in collaboration with other groups, for inferring the key molecular mechanisms underlying processes of interest such as metal reduction, central metabolism and stress responses. A central goal of this group is to predict future responses of microbes to changes in the environment and vice versa. 

Read more about the Arkin Laboratory here.

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