Friday, August 26, 2011

Berkeley Lab Goes to the Indy® Grand Prix

Who is Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and why does it matter? Yes, you’ve heard about us. Though probably in a scientific capacity. We help save lives, generate jobs, reduce energy costs by BILLIONS & spark the imaginations of generations.

And we're going to the Indy® Grand Prix at Infineon Raceway! Why, you ask?! It's a natural fit, really. We pioneer, engineer, build, integrate, maintain, and upgrade the next generation of complex and breakthrough instrumentation required to advance world-class scientific exploration and discovery. Yeah. . .we do some pretty exciting stuff. I bet you're curious now. Perhaps you are technically inclined, too? Let's talk about that.
Our engineering and technical folks have the right to brag - but they don't. They just do what they do. And it's pretty cool. Check out some of the projects.
If you already have your race tickets, or plan to be at the Infineon Raceway on Aug 27-28 in Sonoma, CA. ... drop by our tent! We'll talk shop. Perhaps one of our 150+ open jobs is what you've been looking for.
When has networking been this fun?! See you at the track!
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