Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Joint Bio Energy Institute (JBEI) Identifies New Microbe as Potential Biofuel to Replace Diesel

Taek Soon Lee, of the Joint BioEenergy Institute (JBEI) and Berkeley Lab’s Physical Biosciences Division, led a team that identified a terpene called bisabolane as a potential biofuel for replacing diesel fuel. The team also engineered two strains of microbes – a bacteria and a yeast – that can be used in the biosynthetic production of this clean, green, renewable and domestic alternative to diesel. Working with Lee on this project were Pamela Peralta-Yahya, Mario Ouellet, Rossana Chan, Aindrila Mukhopadhyay and Jay Keasling.

Want to work with this team?  Currently Taek has an opening for a Postdoctoral Fellow for Metabolic Engineering that will focus on metabolic engineering of microbial biofuel production. Specifically the candidate will be involved in using genetically engineered E. coli or S. cerevisiae host and heterologously expressed metabolic pathways to achieve improved isoprenoid biofuel production both in small and large scale and improved host properties such as enhanced resistance to toxic byproducts. The candidate will also use a variety of tools such as synthetic biology, advanced cloning technology, product analysis (LC/MS, GC/MS), protein engineering. Click here to learn more!

Go here to learn more about other career opportunities at JBEI.

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