Monday, January 23, 2012

Berkeley Lab Engineers Go Back to School

The engineers at Berkeley Lab are always looking for the best local engineering talent, especially at our esteemed local universities. This week is no different. We're hitting the road to talk to hundreds (maybe thousands) of students who are looking for the first engineering job in their careers; alumni too. Why not go big and consider Berkeley Lab first!

We are especially interested in mechanical engineers with experience or knowledge of:
  1. Hardware design and knowledge of machining technologies
  2. Vacuum system design and analysis
  3. Cryogenic systems design and analysis
  4. Computer aided design (CAD)
  5. Design and analysis of magnets and other particle accelerator systems
  6. Optics and/or photon beamline design
  7. High pressure vessels

Come find us... if you're in the area - stop by!
January 25, 2012

UC Berkeley Diversity (Engineering & Science) Career Fair
UC Davis Engineering & Physical Sciences Internship and Career Fair

January 28, 2012

Stanford University Opportunity Job Fair

February 9, 2012

UC Berkeley Engineering/Technical Employer Networking Roundtable

We hope to see you soon!

Amy Pagsolingan
Berkeley Lab/Engineering/Senior Recruiter
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