Monday, February 27, 2012

Berkeley Lab's 2012 Computing Sciences Summer Student Program Is Ramping Up

For students majoring in Computational Science, Computer Science, Mathematics and related science and engineering fields, Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences hosts a 12-week research summer program that provides students with the opportunity to gain research experience. Participants will work on projects in computational research, high performance computing, high speed networking or a collaboration of each, under the guidance of one or more staff members. Berkeley Lab is a world leader in computing, biological, physical, materials, chemical, and energy sciences research. In summers past, students at Berkeley Lab have worked in such project areas as:

  • Secure peer-to-peer information sharing
  • Analysis and solution of network and system-related software problems
  • Web-based clients for remote visualization
  • Numerical algorithms for nanoscience
  • Parallel scientific code templates
  • System administration and programming graphical user interface for generating authorization policy for an information sharing system
  • Scientific computing tools

    Projects are designed so that students will complete a major portion of the work during the 12-week period. This program is geared toward students between their junior and senior years who have completed core courses in Computer Science, Mathematics, and related areas of study or graduate students in any computer and computational science discipline. The exact starting date is at the mutual convenience of the students and the needs of the program.


    The hourly wage ranges from $10.91 to $15.59 for undergraduate students and from $16.80 to $28.30 for graduate students, depending upon years of education completed. Applicants are responsible for housing and travel expenses.

    How to Apply

    Students interested in the program must apply on line. Due to the high level of interest in our program, applications will be accepted only through the online application process. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Complete an online profile, and please provide the following:

    • Your skills and relevant experience 
    • Your interest in the program 
    • Educational information 
    • List your references (name, contact information, relationship to you)
    You will be contacted only if you are being considered for selection for this program. We hope to hear from you soon!

    You may choose to apply to specific projects in which you're interested, however this is not required to apply for the program. We will have several un-posted projects as well. 

    Current Available Projects (click title to apply directly to each project)

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