Monday, July 30, 2012

Computing Sciences Summer Student Poster Session

As our program comes to an end, Computing Sciences Summer Students will have the opportunity to present posters that summarize their individual work, describes lab experiences, and presents the results of their research.  In this  creative process, students will have the important opportunity to interact and share ideas with  each other, while allowing mentors, co-workers and fellow students to review and learn  from the poster presentations.  

This year, prizes will be awarded to students for Best Overall, Most Innovative, and Most  Original posters.  Each student who participates in the Poster Session will be presented with  Certificates of Participation. Additionally, all posters will be displayed in Lab's cafeteria on  Friday, August 3, to allow Berkeley Lab staff to view them.

I will be attending and hope to provide highlights of the event via Twitter! Best Blogger Tips

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