Thursday, August 2, 2012

Funny Video, Serious Message.
Winner of 2nd Annual Safety Video Contest

Whoopsie Doodles...

Tevye Kuykendall of Berkeley Lab's Material Sciences Division played the lackadaisical Carl in the winning video and received $200 when Lab employees voted his video first place. Carl’s catchphrase, “whoopsie doodles,” was uttered each time his foibles jeopardized the safety of others.

The videos in this year’s contest emphasized the need for health and safety awareness, like Nick Bojda and John Romankiewicz’s second-place video, Ergonomics Rap with Sustainable John,featuring rapper Sustainable John, who extolled the virtues of ergonomics in rhyming verse. 

Third-place winner Man’s Best Friend, by Massie Ballon of Genomics, enlisted the help of pooches Rudy, Moose, Phoenix, and Bob to demonstrate that while it would be ideal to rely on man’s best friend as a faithful task partner, it’s up to fellow colleagues to watch out for each other.

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