Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Berkeley Lab Attending 2012 Grace Hopper Conference

Berkeley Lab will be attending the 2012 Grace Hopper Conference (GHC12)! After a great time in Portland last year, again we will be bringing a terrific team of 8 women and myself to the conference.  This year we are going to mix it up a little.  

After past success, we've spread the word about GHC with our sister labs and as a result, attendees will have the opportunity to explore career opportunities with several national labs:

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory #1405
Argonne National Laboratory #1403
Los Alamos National Laboratory #1401
MIT Lincoln Laboratory #1404
Oakridge National Laboratory #1400
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory #1301

Or learn about an excellent fellowship opportunity by visiting the Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship booth #1402, where we receive many of our named fellowship recipients.

We encourage attendees to stop by and learn more about Berkeley Lab's exciting opportunities, including the prestigious Luis W. Alvarez Postdoctoral Fellowship in Computing Sciences, and 2013 Computing Sciences Summer Student Program, where undergrad and graduate students have opportunities to work side-by-side with our scientists & engineers conducting real hands-on research!  Or, just drop in to network - tell them Jeff sent you!

Feel free to ask for any of us - we look forward to meeting you at GHC12!

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