Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Berkeley Lab 35th Annual Runaround - A Success!

Two runners emerged from the dense fog last Friday to take the top spots at this year’s Runaround. The male winner was Sean McFarland of the Physical Biosciences Division, with a time of 9:24 minutes. He also won first place in 2010. The female winner was Jennifer Doyle of the Engineering Division, with a time of 12 minutes. This is her first Runaround win. This year’s winning t-shirt design— a playful nod to recent mountain lion sightings — was created by Sandy Miarecki of the Nuclear Sciences Division. 

For me personally, this was my third event, and it is always lots of fun... I believe my time was 22:58 minutes.  I would have run much faster, should a mountain lion have been chasing me!

Want to be part of the excitement next year?  Check our Berkeley Lab Careers page.

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