Monday, April 15, 2013

JBEI and SynBERC Honored for Mentoring Next Generation of Scientists

JBEI and SynBERC have been honored for their innovative partnership offering real-world laboratory experience to high school students from under represented communities. The Introductory College-Level Experience in Microbiology (iCLEM) has been recognized with the Exceptional Mentoring Award by Biotech Partners. Now in its sixth year, iCLEM is a paid summer internship that gives promising students with a deep interest in science an opportunity to work on biofuels research projects inside JBEI’s state-of-the-art laboratories. During the 8-week program, students receive hands-on instruction in biosciences research, job training skills, career exploration opportunities and preparation for the college application process.

Both JBEI and SynBERC are part of our Physical Biosciences Division, which offers other summer student opportunities. To learn more, click here. Best Blogger Tips

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