Friday, March 20, 2015

Berkeley Lab Creates a New ‘Earth and Environmental Sciences Area'

Some LBNL participants in the 2007 Nobel Peace
Prize award to the Intergovernmental Panel on
Climate Change, with former Lab Director &
DOE Secretary, Steven Chu 
Berkeley Lab programs in environmental sciences, climate sciences and subsurface energy resources are flourishing. Examples of new and significant efforts include the Next Generation Ecosystem Experiment, the Advanced Climate Model for Energy, and advanced fossil energy production projects. Our scientists play intellectual leadership roles in emerging national initiatives related to microbes and their interaction with the environment, as well as in subsurface energy science initiatives.
Due to the importance of these activities to the future of the Nation and the world, we are positioning the laboratory strategically for the future by creating an Earth and Environmental Sciences Area led by a new Associate Laboratory Director (ALD). At first, this Area will steward the Earth Sciences Division, and the new ALD will be charged with developing a new organizational structure that reflects the strategic plan they will create by working closely with the Area’s science community.
“Many aspects of the Nation’s future energy and environmental security are closely tied to the work we do today in subsurface energy science,” said DOE Under Secretary for Science and Energy Lynn Orr. “We welcome this step Berkeley Lab is taking to continue to contribute significantly to DOE’s mission-driven fundamental research and applied technology development.”
Don DePaolo, Associate Laboratory Director for Energy Sciences will serve as the acting ALD for this Area during a search. The position has been posted here and a global search is actively underway.
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